Senior Project Directors are conveniently located in several locations to better service our client base.  Several other key consultants are available to support our project directors as necessary.

Regional offices are indicated by the black circles on the map and headquarters by the red diamond.                       


Senior staff are located as indicated below.  Click on each individual to review their credentials:

David N. Bulman: Headquarters Office - Queensbury, New York 

Roger Ford: Texas

Bill Hall - Delaware

Brian Kunst: Glens Falls, NY

Robert Anastasia: Regional Office - Long Island, New York

David Manalan: Regional Office - Massachusetts

Donald Barcan: Senior Packaging Engineering Consultant - New Jersey

Richard Larkin - New Jersey

William Jackson - Minnesota

Joe Sharber: Regional Office - Montana

Joe Sheehan: Regional Office - Texas

Hal Turner: Regional Office - Texas

John Hoffman: Regional Office - Arizona

William Hendershot: Regional Office - Washington State

Mike Shaw - Florida


Ken Muhvich, Ph.D.- North Carolina

Jeanne Moldenhauer - Illinois

Robert Whalen - Connecticut